Have you ever imagined your life without modern conveniences? what aspects of a simpler life would you enjoy?

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Have you ever imagined your life without modern conveniences? what aspects of a simpler life would you enjoy?

I have never imagined my life without any modern convenience just the thought of it is unbearable. Life without a cell phone. I am half away across the world from my family and friends, how do we communicate? how do I survive? I mean we could post letters to each other because emailing is modern but it would take days for me to get a response. sometimes there are just those simple yes or no questions you want to ask and this would mean I would have to send a letter with one or two questions in it. Absolutely ridiculous.

The only thing that would really bother me would be no cellphone and no social websites like Facebook because those are means of communication and it is essential for me to communicate with people efficiently. However I can imagine life with no television because I can go months without television, its not a need. However, if we did not have fridges to keep our food cool and fresh, I wonder where we would keep and store food. We would have to buy just enough food to eat for that day and then have to like go hunting the next day because the stores won’t have fridges to store meat and stuff. I am go without air conditioning because in my country there is no air conditioning. The weather is beautiful so there is no need for air conditioning and most houses have fireplaces so you can just light a fire in our house when it gets too cold. It would be a lot easier to go without heating modern appliances because we have the alternative of getting wood and lighting a fire to cook, boil water or keep warm.

Modern conveniences are wants and not needs. Meaning they are things we want but do not need. we can live without them. However we have grown to rely on them so much that the world would come to a halt if they ceased to exist for a second. It is the life we have adjusted to and we have adjusted everything around us to work accordingly.

Modern convenience were created for a reason and without them that would mean, more work and more patience, and that is just something I do not have. But I mean there are somethings I can live without and I am sure there are somethings everyone can live without.