Read Before You Post or Comment

Please read and agree before you comment.

Creating Threads:

1. Make sure all threads (new topics) have a clear and well-defined title. Try to be very clear in the title about the exact topic you want to discuss. If the person only read the title would they know what you were talking about?

2. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the website before posting a new topic. Do a search to see if that topic has already been discussed. If it has not and you would like to make it please make sure you put it in the appropriate spot on our site. There are several uncategorized sections if you are clueless and a moderator will move it to the appropriate forum for you.


1. This is a professional discussion forum. The discussions here should be informative and helpful to the community. We understand that everyone has an opinion and sometimes people will disagree. Rude, hateful, threatening, or just completely wrong information will not be taking lightly.

2. Please try your best to provide accurate information. People will take this very seriously and we don't want a mistake to cause anyone harm.

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