2,000 Year Old Seed

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    i am reposting something i wrote another time,another place..take whats useful and discard the rest..

    back story here on something i found....last weeks sabbath day we were discussing graven images.i tell friend did you know temple had carvings all over the walls and doors and such.he said what you talking about..i said i read its got/had date palms and more on it.he asked where i knew that from i told him bible. so i went and showed verses in a few places talking about it. i was showing him that his interpretation of what english says graven image cant be that because of this...anyhow upon doing that i ran across a great story and some historical info of interest from survival point....one point of interest to me is according to this article these dates were thought to been wiped out in 500a.d. that date is interesting to me as carol deppe p.h.d. person i talk about that a seed saver .gardener,plant breeder etc. says its in records that at 500a.d. there was a world wide famine across the globe.interesting heres dates saying same thing....hope you enjoy..

    2,000 year old seed sprouts

    Tree Grown From 2,000-Year-Old Seed Has Reproduced


    verses for those interested..

    Ezekiel 41:18-20 King James Version (KJV)

    18 And it was made with cherubims and palm trees, so that a palm tree was between a cherub and a cherub; and every cherub had two faces;

    19 So that the face of a man was toward the palm tree on the one side, and the face of a young lion toward the palm tree on the other side: it was made through all the house round about.

    20 From the ground unto above the door were cherubims and palm trees made, and on the wall of the temple.

    Ezekiel 40:16 King James Version (KJV)

    16 And there were narrow windows to the little chambers, and to their posts within the gate round about, and likewise to the arches: and windows were round about inward: and upon each post were palm trees.

    1 Kings 6:29 King James Version (KJV)

    29 And he carved all the walls of the house round about with carved figures of cherubims and palm trees and open flowers, within and without.
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    Judean date palm



    Fruit of the date palm was considered a staple food in the Judaean Desert, as it was a source of food and its tree of shelter and shade for thousands of years, and became a recognized symbol of the Kingdom of Judah. It grew around the Dead Sea in the south, to the Sea of Galilee and the Hula Valley regions in the north. The tree and its fruit caused Jericho to become a major population center and are praised in the Hebrew Bible possibly several times indirectly, such as in Psalms (Psalms 92:12-15), "The righteous himself will blossom forth as a palm tree does", and date clusters (Hebrew: תַּלְתַּלִּים‎) are mentioned in the Song of Songs (Song of Songs 5:11).

    In ancient times, date palms were used for their supposed medicinal properties to cure many diseases and infections, promoting longevity and acting as a mild aphrodisiac. Modern studies have been done in an attempt to confirm their medicinal value.[6]

    Its likeness was engraved on shekalim, the ancient Hebrew unit of currency. According to historical sources, the taste of them was something splendid. Already in the fifth century BCE, Herodotus noted that the greatest importance of the Judean dates was that they were drier and less perishable than those from Egypt and thus suitable for storage and export, which is still an important distinction today. Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist of the 1st century CE, wrote that Jericho's dates were known for their succulence and sweetness, though he distinguished a considerable variety of them and discussed several different varieties by name.[7]

    When the Roman Empire invaded ancient Judea,[dubious – discuss] thick forests of date palm up to 80 feet (24 m) high and 7 miles (11 km) wide covered the Jordan River valley from the Sea of Galilee in the north to the shores of the Dead Sea in the south.[citation needed] The tree so defined the local economy that the Roman emperor Vespasian celebrated the reconquest after the First Jewish Revolt (66-70 CE) by minting Judaea Capta coinage, a series of coins sometimes depicting Judaea as a mourning woman beneath a date palm. The palm tree can appear on the coin either in combination with the mourning woman, or without her.[8] Andrea Moresino-Zipper contests that in the former case, it is the woman who symbolises the defeated Judaea and the towering, dominating palm stands for victorious Rome, while in the latter case the palm tree does represent Judaea.[8]

    An ancient coin design depicting a date palm and two baskets full of dates has been reused for the front side of the modern Israeli ten-shekel coin.
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    look at this..genetically they found 2 that are close...by crossing this on those they can flush out the 'bad ' dna.

    Genetically related cultivars
    When compared with three other cultivars of date palm, genetic tests showed the plant to be closely related to the old Egyptian variety Hayani, 19% of its DNA being different, and an Iraqi cultivar (16% different DNA).[17] They may have shared the same wild ancestor.

    the iraqi cultivar crossed first time would make it only have 8% different dna in first cross and from there on out the different dna should get less and less.
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    a little more information and a surprise towards end of video...i will tell yall...more of the 2,000 year old seeds have now sprouted but its unknown if the plants are male or female. i so hope they are female so they can pollinate with the male plant they already have and we can get more seeds to really jump start the revival of these dates into production.

    from 9-15-19

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    that's interesting, I read something about a ancient squash awhile back, perhaps you had posted about it.
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    Wow! Now that is the granddaddy of all heirloom seed projects! I want to follow this and see where it ends up.

    Thanks for posting this!

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