2 Common Ways to Build a Fire

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    If you're going to spend some time outdoors, then you will need a fire.When it comes to lighting a fire while spending time outdoors, there are several different options for how you may choose to build your fire. The best way to gauge what option is the best for you is to determine the results and effect you are after. Fires are made for a multitude of reasons. Heat, cooking, as well as to repel insects and wildlife are just some of the reasons we have fires outdoors. A teepee shaped fire is the most commonly built fire. Teepee fires light easily and tend to burn hot due to the amount of air that is allowed to pass through the fire. These are great for campfires however they will burn up your wood supply rather quickly.
    If you're looking for a fire for longevity as well as heat and other things tried building a pyramid fire. This is done by stacking your firewood kind of like a Jenga game. Three or four pieces of wood on the bottom going one way followed by three or four pieces going in the opposite way. This process is repeated three to four times for the average fire. This type of fire will last much longer than TP fires. Pyramid or Jenga fires are a great to burn if you are burning all day long. Conservation is key when you are living in survival mode. Making the most of your firewood will be important. The teepee is good for camping trips, but the pyramid fire is better for long term survival. You still get a great fire that is versatile, yet it will last longer giving you time to perform other important tasks than gathering firewood all day.

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    Good info to start flint and steal must have in kit easy tho 9volt battery and steelwool touch battey terminals to stellwool it will glow hot stat small bluild up
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    Pardon me if this is a letdown for the primitive ways but we had attended a fire-making session using bamboo. However, the demo guy was good but we were not so when we tried it ourselves. So our recourse when going on camping trips is to have a lighter or a match or both. And maybe in times of emergencies (that we have no lighter or match), that's the time we would turn to the bamboo.

    We sometimes go on camping with the kids to learn the rudiments of camping life. Pitching the tent is not easy and more difficult is the preparation of food. We always use charcoal although depending on the camp, we can also use firewood. And the most important part is the sleeping because we seldom get a good night's sleep in the tent.. we miss the cushioned bed.
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    I think Corzhens that you need to spend more time in the outdoors & learn some primitive skills, especially fire lighting if you intend to be prepared for a shtf situation. Life would be very hard for you if you were suddenly thrown into a situation where you had to leave home & survive in the bush. Flint & steel fire lighting is probably the easiest method to learn, & it is sustainable. If you are interested check out the posts on my blog here: http://woodsrunnersdiary.blogspot.com.au/search?q=flint+&+steel+fire+lighting

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    Huh, I've naturally done both of these methods without thinking about it, didn't know they provided different uses and features. Although I've always gravitated towards the teepee, probably because I was usually camping and it's a nicer fire to sit around. Something I need to do now is learn to reliably start a fire without a lighter.
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