2019 National Preparedness Report

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    Good afternoon all,

    The public version just got released.

    Much is not pertinent to our mission here at MSF.COM but there is enough material that should prove of some value that I'm posting it with a couple of comments.

    Glance at the chart page 13/60

    That term : Cyber Hygiene" !

    Reminder to self: Stay out of buildings located in states of ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ... ... ...

    Page 45 / 60 has an interesting chart titled "Current Capability Relative To Goals" They're just not into body recovery/...

    "Clear critical roads" inherently requires to know what roads are critical.

    Page 46 / 60 "Capability Snapshot" (Figure 19) by Community Type: To simplify: Avoid urban areas in States.


    Who said "Abandon All Hope" ?! We'll make it !
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    First and foremost, my thanks for posting the article Pragmatist. It is very informative. I can't say I like how the massive amount of money is spent but it is good to know. I am still reviewing the article, so there may be more comments later. I would highly recommend all the forum members and guests read the complete article. The robot visitors are on their own.
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    That is a very interesting report. I didn't even know it existed. Thanks for sharing, Pragmatist.

    It will take a little time to read, but well worth it.
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