$50 And Up Underground House By Mike Oehler

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    Years ago I had a copy of his book, and I am not sure where along life's travels I misplaced and lost it, but I noticed that it can still be purchased at a reasonable price from Amazon, both as a paper book and as an ebook.
    I grew up in North Idaho, and in the early 1970's is when I first learned of Mike Oehler. We lived in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, which is where Mike lived and built his first underground home.
    Idaho is (or at least was back then) pretty open-minded about how people want to live, and we had people who came up from California in the spring, went to the livestock auction and bought up all of the chickens and goats, and set up a tent out on some remote piece of property that they bought.
    Most of them moved back out when winter came to North Idaho, but some stayed and learned how to live a basic lifestyle, cooking with wood, and hauling water. They chopped down smaller trees and built lean-to cabins to live in.
    I think that Mike oehler was the only one who actually tried living underground, and his house was a curiosity (as was MIke himself) . After he built his first underground home, he wrote and published the book about how to build one for $50 and up.
    Even with the "and up" it was still a pretty cheap home. Here is a short video that shows the first house he made, and you can see that it was pretty well hidden unless someone were looking hard to find it.

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