$85 Stock For Mini-14

Discussion in 'Show Off Your Guns' started by Sack, Aug 18, 2018.

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  1. Sack

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    I put a new stock on my mini-14. So much better. The factory stock didn’t fit well and it was so slippery. I’m happy with it
  2. TexDanm

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    It looks GREAT. I really miss my Mini 14. I am thinking about a Mini 30. To me that would be close to a perfect defense weapon. Slap a bayonet on it and it would be an intimidating beast. I never scoped my Mini 14 but it was capable of accuracy that you could only get from a scope. My Mini was a victim of greed and the Clinton administration.

    I agree that the wood stock was slippery. A little checkering on the fore end and at the wrist helped that some though. I also gold inlaid all of the writing on the gun. Bill Ruger did love to write on his guns.

    I bought it brand new for 165 dollars; shot a hundred thousand rounds or more through it and had a lot of fun with it. The Clinton's declared war on people with federal Firearms License to sell guns. I got out of the business and also started shedding any gun that I owned that there was a paper trail leading to me. My Mini was the last of that. I also have to admit that things like the Brady bill and such made the price of these guns go through the roof. I sold it with 500 rounds for 750 dollars to a cop wantabe part time deputy sheriff.
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