9 Mental Health Survival Tips

Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by Pragmatist, May 6, 2020.

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    Another great article Pragmatist.

    Although not a true survival emergency, I found myself using some of the tips outlined in this article yesterday. My car had a flat tyre in a remote area with no phone reception and I had no tools in the vehicle at the time. (I had taken everything out of the vehicle to make room to get wood and forgot to put everything back before setting off).

    When I had new tyres fitted about 6 months ago, the tyre fitter couldn't get the tyres off the vehicle and ended up rounded off the wheel nuts, which made it very challenging to change the tyre, which it took 4 hours. I used tenacity, adaptability, work ethic and creativity to solve the problem and get out of the situation I was in, rather than sitting on the side of the road, bursting into tears and giving up, in the hope that someone would eventually come and help.

    I managed to find substitute tools to bang the wheel brace onto the wheel nuts to get some purchase and then found I was unable to undo the wheel nuts because they were fastened too tightly, necessitating finding something for leverage.

    Eventually my tenacity, adaptability and creativity enabled me to problem solve and change the tyre to get home.

    I don't think the importance of mindset can be stated highly enough in difficult circumstances or situations. It's something that can be easily overlooked when too much importance is placed on "tools" to survive.

    Once again, thanks Pragmatist. Very informative.
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    I fear you, Blitz.

    Anybody asks me about traveling to OZ, I'm gonna tell them, "There's this wild woman down there who ain't t'be messed with. You start out for the boonies, get a wayz on out past civilization, then all of a sudden you run across this wiry mean-lookin' woman with a lug wrench in her hand, right then and there, put yore veeeeehicle in reeeeverse, and git your hide on out that place and pronto!!! You jist done come acrost a she-devil! She bites off the heads of wild dogs and such! She's like some fury what the Bible talked about. Demons come up fresh out'a Hell to terrorize The Faithful, look over, see her standin' thar, an' poop themselves! If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'!
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    I find most mental prep is about trying to avoid other people and the way they think and behave, being alone somewhere isn't a problem, not for me anyway, its other people that cause most of life's problems because they don't know what to do is an emergency type situation so I avoid them as much as I can.
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