A battlekit you have stored?

Discussion in 'Guns, Knives, Tools, Etc.' started by ProNine, Jul 4, 2016.

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  1. ProNine

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    Does anyone here have some sort of bag containing a small stash of weapons/ammo? What would you keep in it and why? Personally, I find it really efficient to stick to a bow and arrow, along with a possibly small pistol, and maybe a pocket knife. All just to stay safe.
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  2. sarky

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    I have both a take down recurve bow and an AR-7 .22lr with 1k of ammo. I have 2 doz arrows with the recurve. There is also a knife, fire starting device, military poncho, a ton of 550 cord, spare hydration bladder, gravity water filter, and plenty of snare wire and duct tape.
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    Nice spares kit if your main gear was lost.
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