A Commentary On The Toronto Mass Murder

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by TexDanm, Apr 23, 2018.

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    If the liberals deal with the killings in Toronto as they have with the shootings in the USA they will be calling for the end of private ownership of vehicles of any large size and or banning the use of sidewalks by private citizens.

    This is just the way that they think. You can NEVER place the blame on an individual it has to either be the fault of a thing or that the victims somehow caused the individual to do it. It is just like the liberal response to young car thieves. I remember the government sponsored TV commercial that ended with the statement, "Don't let a good child go bad!! Remove your car keys from your car." You know, good kids don't steal cars.

    As long as we allow these idiots to run things we can expect things to always get worse in every way. When you try to "fix" things by addressing only the effect and never the cause you are just making it worse. To fix a problem you address the cause!

    First off crazy people need to be taken off the streets and offered help. This guy was a nut of some sort. The guy in the Nashville shootings was a known delusional nut. We need to try and help these people rather than ignore them until they do something really awful or kill themselves.

    If the nuts are going to use cars and trucks to run over people on sidewalks and we can't ever be sure of getting them all help then we might need to make sidewalks a little less attractive to them. If you bored a hole every 50 feet or so and then dropped in a piece of big heavy walled pipe that you left sticking up a couple of feet then poured them full of steel reinforced concrete it would nip this sort of thing in the bud pretty fast. You could make them look nice or even put in two of them and make it into a bench.

    It is like dealing with thieves. It is best if you can get them off the streets and in jail but you should also have and use locks on your doors at home. The liberal solution would be to ban people from having things that would tempt someone to steal from you.

    The gun thing goes down the same lane. If less guns meant less violent crime then Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York City and Detroit would be the safest places in the world and Houston would be a death trap. The fact is that if more people had guns and the right to carry them then the nuts might get off a couple of shots but the casual walking along shooting people just would NOT work. The only mass shooting in Teas was in that Church and it won't happen again because people are now sort of encouraged to wear their guns concealed even in the churches here if they have a license to carry.

    We the people are going to have to stop letting idiots run things. If I go up to a store and it has a sign banning concealed carry I walk away after telling them why. If you are going to disarm me then you need to take responsibility for my safety while I am in your establishment. That means armed guards and an official recognition of legal responsibility.

    If someone doesn't support your right to protect yourself then you need to not ever vote for them. If someone wants to serve in office they need to DO what they say they are going to do while they campaign. If they don't then anyone that ever votes for them `again is a total idiot and doesn't deserve their freedom or the right to vote.
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    The thing about crazy people is that they are totally unpredictable. You can't figure them out because nobody can see the world that they are living in. I had a friend that had a son that was schizophrenic. When he took his medicine he was pretty much normal. The thing is that he would stop taking it and then become convinced that the drugs were part of a plot to mind control him. They would have him put in a nut house but as soon as he took the medicine for a few days he would be better and they would toss him back out on the streets and he would disappear again. He would write his mother messages on the backs of checks with other peoples names on them about him being "undercover" and that "they" were after him. He thought he was some kind of GI Joe action figure or something. My friend did everything that she could to have him more or less permanently committed but oh no he had rights. She lived in terror that he was going to do something awful right up until the day she died.

    We don't take mental illness seriously in this country and that is both wrong and crazy. First off 45,000 Americans commit suicide every year. 90% of these people are good people that could be helped but just don't get any help because of finances or the social stigma of having a problem. The saddest thing to me is that more and more of these suicides are kids. Their lives ended before they were even started. Maybe you don't give a rat's royal butt about them but understand, some of them are going to decide to take some people with them.

    Mental illness can be treated. Some forms like my friends son will need to be locked up in order to make sure he stayed on his medicine but that is cheaper than dealing with the people like him that do all these crazy mass murders. We need to make mental health more of a priority. It is better to deal with the problem rather than try to disarm everyone so they can't get guns. DEAL with the person that might commit the crime rather than blaming it on the victims or trying to restrict everyone.

    Mental illness is now understood to be mostly a physical problem. It is a lot like being a type one diabetic. You are born that way because for some reason your body doesn't make the right chemicals like it should and does for most people. You aren't crazy because your Mama was mean or you got picked on. Everybodies Mama is mean and we all got picked on. The person that is mentally ill doesn't have the ability to deal with these things and over time living in hell erodes you. You don't have to live in hell but if you don't have insurance and people that eill help you are pretty much just screwed.

    When you get crazy enough they will put you in a hospital for a little while and then as soon as you are better they will throw you out and back into hell. I have had a lot of dealings with homeless people or street people and nearly all of them are there because of mental illness. Places like I used to volunteer at can feed them and keep them clothed but real help just isn't available. Eventually they are killed and nobody cares. They are beat to death by thugs that just like to hurt and these are people that no one will care about. Or like one of my special friends she froze to death one night in a cardboard box behind a store. She could have come to the mission to sleep. The doors opened for this when it was seriously bad out. She was just lost and nobody could force her to not be crazy and our system just allows them to wander lost and die eventually in some back alley.

    The few that decide to take an escort with them rather than die alone are sort of their retribution for the thousands that just died alone and unhelped.
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    Have you heard the reason that nut ran all those people down??? He wants to start an "Incell rebellion". An "incell" is an involuntarily celibate male. He was protesting that no woman would have anything to do with his crazy self...DUH!!! I'm telling you we need to get these people off the streets and get them some help. After they do something like this they need to just be put down. I can't believe that the cop that captured him is being called a hero for not shooting and killing him even when threatened with a gun. Great, now they get to house and take care of him and maybe someday turn his crazy ass back out free. We need to protect the victims not the people that do these things. You do that easiest by helping them before they get to this point or just locking them up. Once they get to this point and are like a rabid dog. You don't try to catch the rabid dog and treat its rabies...it is too late for that.
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