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  1. omegaman

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    I never play videogames or PC games, I mean, I had an atari and a Nintendo and a Sega when I was a kid, and I had a good time with those, but technology left me behind a long time ago on those things.

    I got the kids some of those playstation coupons for xmas though and they downloaded a game called "The Long Dark" that acctually is a descent survival and homesteading simulator. You'r charracter can freeze to death, dehydrate and die, or starve to death. There are no zombies or enemies and you'll have to "walk" through snow for endless times to get somewhere. And the cool part is that the kids have never been so eager to get out in the woods, ever.

    Cool stuff, check it out if you are in to those kinds of things.
  2. OneFoot

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    ive been thinking about this game for a few weeks now ive been getting mixed reviews.
  3. Travis.s

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    I've played that game and as a simulation it's pretty good you have to find shelter and food can go bad, if you go wandering out in the snow at night you can get lost easy if you dont pay attention to your surroundings. You even have to craft things needed to survive.
    I found that the mixed ratings are do to lost of kids expecting the fast pace action that gets put in too most games but this is more of a puzzle game challenging you to figure out the best way to survive and see how long you can do it for.
    It's more thought required then the so called war simulators I've seen and am not fond of. You might get kids interested in camping if they play and like the game I know a friend that did just that with his 11yr old son.
  4. TexDanm

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    The last video game that I played was on an Atari!!
  5. PrepTrack

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    I played The Long Dark back when it was in testing (alpha). Was a little limited and unforgiving. From recent updates it seems to have come a long way. I love survival based games. State of Decay, Project Zomboid, 7 Days to Die, etc. To be honest, I need to start dialing back on that to focus on some other strident stuff.
  6. F22 Simpilot

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    I've always been of the opinion that you can simulate everything. Granted it's not real life, but it can help and prepare you for the task at hand. You can Sim flight, trains, autos, boats, submarines, up to and including the effects of nuclear detonations, its fallout, etc. You could probably Sim surgery as well. I'd love a real good as real as it gets surgery simulator. Can y0u imagine? It might push the younger generation to want to get into the medical field. Hell! You could Sim a court room with all kinds of variables and be a lawyer.
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