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    Good morning all,

    NPR = National Public Radio

    Caution Alert to Forum Members: Article mentions Hillary's name.

    Link starts with an example of the correct way to prep for disasters. All the credit to Jose Mucite and his non-profit with stocked warehouse and evacuation boat.

    Overall the article is gallows-humor.

    The Bahamian government is far from destitute. Adam Clayton Powell, former US Senator Gary Hart and Donna Rice can testify to this. Hold off on the Bahamian need for climate adaptation and and hurricane-harden the small nation's critical infrastructure.

    Oxfam still needs more recovery time from last year's sex scandal in Haiti.

    A great start to help disaster recovery would be for 16 year old youth activist Greta Thunberg to spend a 4 year college degree program on daily work at Jose Mucite's non-profit organization. Instead of a dorm room and lap top PC, an ample supply of work gloves.............


    Not gallows-humor; just regular humor: The UN - AND - the least developed countries DO have staff knowledgeable on the complex global finance bureaucracy. Only the street-wise know what's going on.
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