A Ferrorod Is A Wasted Pick On The Alone Tv Show

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    the GIVE you batteries for your camera, the camera light, your headlamp, your satellite phone.. You can use the duct tape, the fishhooks and a battery to start a fire, and once you have one fire, you can use charred punkwood, and ashes to make subsequent fires much more easy to start. If you know to bank your coals in a dakota pit and ashes, you can use them to start another fire, more hours later than you'll be sleeping (at any one stretch) on Vancouver! :) The duct tape and inner strands of paracord, letsyou swiftly make dry bags out of your gaiters and hunks of tarp, so things can be KEPT dry, making fire a lot easier to get. You can have dry feathersticks, forced-dry bark or grasses, mixed with ashes, ready to hand at any time when you are around camp. With such materials, you can have fire with any carbon steel rod and any hunk of quartz or chert, or you can take half a day and make a big McElroy pump drill.

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