A Narrow Escape

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by remnant, May 23, 2017.

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  1. remnant

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    Life is a mystery with plenty of unforeseen circumstances. Recently, I was given a lift on a pick up. Before reaching my destination, the driver got a call which meant he had to reverse and go back. I jumped out but the vehicle was in reverse mode and I walked backwards towards the main road. A speeding car almost hit me and it hooted to warn me. I escaped by the grace me God. I think we should always be on alert mode wherever we are but I won't give in to paranoia.
  2. wizzywiz

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    Thank God for your life. I had an experience that i would always remain grateful to God about. My little sis left a pot of soup on fire in the night and slept off. I woke up in the midnight and saw that the house was filled with smoke. I quickly rushed to the kitchen and put out the fire, then i proceeded to my siblings rooms, woke then up and took them outside for fresh air.
  3. yunken

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    Mine was on top of a bike, I also had a lift when I was going to school. Our bike collided with another bike on a highway and we all fell on the road. The car behind us immediately catch it brick before reaching us.
    I was very fortunate if not, I won't be here typing this today.
  4. Clara1993

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    Woow When I was reading this I imagined you jumping that car just like in movies hope you didn't break your bone :) and yes I agree with you that we need to be careful especialy when we take lifts from strangers you were lucky to be able to jump may be because it was a pick up car Imagine if it was covered and he locked the doors it would be such fight to get out :-(
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