A Perfect Storm?

Discussion in 'Other Not Listed Situations' started by Dalewick, May 31, 2020.

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  1. Dalewick

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    Well, 2020 has been quite the year so far (Threat of WW3, Australia's Fires, Pandemic, Killer Hornets and now Riots) and not even half through yet. USA still has a presidential election coming.

    In meteorology certain weather events have to come together to be considered a perfect storm. For preppers, what events will all have to transpire to be considered a TEOTWAWKI or a perfect storm of SHTF events.

    What do YOU think will have to happen for YOU to consider this the year of the world collapsed, or TEOTWAWKI?

    Me... I'm thinking violence spreads. commerce/food chain collapse, USA elections tainted, severe early winter.

    We're half way there....Lord help us.


  2. Dalewick

    Dalewick Legendary Survivalist

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  3. poltiregist

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    One thing almost certain , with Democrats / communist with nothing to run on and the best candidate they could come up with is a woman grabbing , international extortionist , and severely demented old man their backs are to the wall and desperation is an gross understatement . Destroying the United States is their latest ploy and trying to blame it on Donald Trump . Things will get much worse before the end of the year 2020 .
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  4. Old Geezer

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    Here in the USA, the economy was getting back on its feet even with the national and private debt levels reaching unsustainable levels. Then came the Chinese Covid-19 assault.

    The ramifications attending to the national shutdown due to fear/panic of the mini-pandemic may have just tipped us over into an economic down-spiral could easily bring our economy tipping into overt failure, to include cancellation of government debt, state and Federal.

    The Left does not like small businesses because they are difficult to unionize. Truth be told, small companies are one of the life-blood resources of any nation. Giant industries run by oligarchs with agendas plus workers' unions that have forgotten their workers are a societal blight -- just like tree blights that wipe-out forests. The Left will let the little businesses collapse for the "greater good of the collective" -- and of course, to get union dues flowing back into the coffers of the Social Democrats.

    If the mini-plague-panic wasn't enough, now the Left is literally burning the cities. I figured this level of rioting was going to happen around November election season, pre- and post. These riots are polarizing our nation to an even further degree.

    If Trump is returned to office, there will now be MEGA riots. If the Left comes to power, they will have little, if any, support from law enforcement. If the Left bans "assault rifles", the police WILL NOT follow orders to disarm their own retirees, themselves, nor citizens who favor Constitutional government (who of late are the only people semi-appreciating all the crap cops have to endure).

    The Euro has not been faring well. And the effects of the covid catastrophe will damage the Euro even more. Spanish, Greek, and Italian banks will likely fail. Even Germany will not be able to prop-up the European Union. Most English folk have already had it with the EU -- they no longer want their tax dollars propping up a system that uses them as a bottomless well for social systems that do not work. More and more nations of Europe want no more refugees coming in to set-up shop for their black-market gangs.

    The dominoes are falling. What this could spell is WAR on a world-wide scale. The balloons could go up in 2021, I think -- it's 50/50 in my mind.

    The environmentalists could see their dreams come true what with billions of people getting nuked. Hope they enjoy getting over 100 years-worth of technology destroyed. I stand to watch my wife and sons die of their chronic illnesses. But then if there's no war, but socialism wins, my wife and I will be written off by the healthcare system death panels. The future seems all rosy for us.
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  5. Old Geezer

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    Here are some joyous predictions of Old Geezer:

    There are several mega-quakes that are coming due, Pacific Ring of Fire, New Madrid, Yellowstone, ... .

    What with political tensions being through the roof, we should all just figure on assassination attempts and successes. Here in the USA, the clock is ticking much more rapidly towards civil war. There are millions who want Trump dead and the MSM keeps fanning the flames (now, rather literally), therefore ...

    upload_2020-6-1_0-24-1.png upload_2020-6-1_0-29-19.png

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  6. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Dale,

    In reply, my thoughts of what's needed for me to consider 2020 (I do add January, 2021 as part of this timeline) as being the cataclysm:

    A hurricane that generates a government-required evacuation off the tidal floodplains concurrent with COVID-19 outbreaks adding to the already infected area population. This is partly a fait acompli already to me. Was asked to help manage the emergency shelter. It was a dangerously unhealthy environment PRIOR to this pandemic. I am 73 yo and a - volunteer -. This county has many overpaid personnel on the payroll.

    If I notice a mosquito eradication notice and immediate spraying, I'd consider this an existential event of major importance. The spray's not only for mosquitoes.

    I am in hourly contact with Hong Kong and am told the political frictions currently going on also got entangled with a couple of islands next to Taiwan. Omitting much, this matter can involve more than a couple of islands and have heard that face masks/PPE now have as first priority some boats in Norfolk. The frictions no longer confined to adding tariffs and visa requirements.

    If there's a political challenge to the November election, all Hades is present and this corridor area, Navy Norfolk - Washington, D.C., already a garrison, closed down to all private citizen movement to include getting food, medical care. The already-tested environment can mean no electricity nor water provided by the public sector.

    The Virginia Governor will be spending more time with the family and Virginia will experience a repeat of Reconstruction, 1865-1877. US Army can be present exactly where I am now transmitting from. The Bay is already USN, USCG loaded up.
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  7. Sourdough

    Sourdough "eleutheromaniac"

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    If I get Covid-19 it will be the end of me. For me it is about 6 month chunks. April 15 to October 15 and October 15 to April 15. It has been this way for myself for at least ten years. The last time I was over a mile from my cabin was October 23, 2019. So pretty much what is going on in any part of the earth more then a mile from the cabin, is someone else's problem.
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  8. lonewolf

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    "2020- the year that never was".
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