A Real Global Danger

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    Good afternoon all,

    Above article is about the delay to the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline under the Baltic.

    The pipe-laying boat contract by a Swiss-Dutch company is stopping work to stay in compliance with US sanctions.

    I've always had difficulty following BBC articles and their maps. I thought the current Nord Stream pipeline was land based. The above article's map shows it next to the pending Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

    That Swiss-Dutch company is in for "rough seas".
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    Inevitably, continental Western Europe will bend over for Russia. There are plenty of collectivists in Great Britain and Ireland who will do so also.

    As one American, I'm tired of protecting Europe. They hate America of late, so let them be slaves. Masochism is popular over there, therefore they're simply going to realize their desires.

    The USA should have been better protecting our own side of the planet.
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