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Discussion in 'Other DIY' started by cluckeyo, Jun 5, 2016.

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    My 90 year old parents tell me, that back in the day of no air conditioning and even very little electricity they had a way of staying cool. They even used this method to keep their food cool. They would hang a wet sheet up on the porch eave, allowing the breeze to blow through it. It was kind of lake a water cooler and they say it felt good. Certain situations might call for use of that technique.
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    In my country, back in the old days my grandmother used a water clay pot to store water and the water is cold when it comes out. A great invention but has now gone because of the invention of a refrigerator. The water clay pot existing today is either in a museum or just a decoration in an old ancestral homes.
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    Copper was used in those time to keep the water cool. I know my grandmother used to drink the water from copper. And it kept her health good enough. As you can see the copper was good for the body. And apart from that some of the time she used to keep things in the wooden containers. And that avoided things getting too warm. And for some food items it did worked to some extent.
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    This is aweosme, I might try it since we don't have airconditioning. What we use to stay cool (my mother showed me but I guess it's not a new thing) is to take a towel, put cold water on it and then put it on your neck. It's kinda awesome and refreshing.
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