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    Blog Posts:

    Per ... (AAA = American Automobile Association).

    Article about writers who really haven't done the stuff they're writing about.

    Attention Friends of AAA Mid-Atlantic News:

    Is there a reason the prize pack omits some deicing spray used in conjunction with the provided-for ice scraper ?

    Frozen handles ?

    Frozen windshield wiper blades ?

    A fluorescent safety vest ?

    Has anyone here used a ladder to remove snow from the top of a regular sized pickup truck ? For me a handle longer than 48" is needed.

    Stay out of theaters! ......... at least until the mid Atlantic flu problem lessens.

    In a just world, residing/driving in the Richmond-Petersburg corridor would preclude membership in a just world AAA.

    Don't forget to check access to gasoline flap section. It might need a few shots of anti-stuff to break glaze.

    Don't forget to check access to a covered cargo bed.

    I forgot other stuff eg the name of the graphite based spray but please add to this list/correct it/further all aspects of safety - to include driving the Richmond-Petersburg corridor.

    Prep, prep, prep
    factor in safety
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