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    Lots a people attend first aid courses! they sit there on a chair and read from a book or listen to a teacher
    But you rarely get much hands on experience! and some things are hard to get real practice with!
    But I hear a lot about stitching up wounds about how they will do it yet these same people have never actually done it!
    So next time you come by a lump of pork with the skin still on borrow it for a little while then make a cut several inches long and deep enough to reach meat then try to sew it up with half a dozen single stitches in just a few minutes using only tweezers and forceps to stick the needle through then tie a knot in each!

    Sounds gross and it is but add a little runny tomato sauce and that is what you will need to deal with, can you do it or will there be an excuse not to? too gross, Im a vegan, I don't eat pork, mum wont let me, not needed, I can imagine it real enough, I will do it when the time comes or some other excuse!
    Well when the time comes you won't! do it or you will be soooo slow or bad at it and do a poor job and the stiches will probably fail making things worse!

    I paid big bucks for a course and the teacher had us sewing pigs up for a few hours of it and afterwards I knew why as we all sucked at it. wound cleaning and closure is far harder than most think and it takes many go's to get even passable at it. better to have a go on some pigskin than maybe a child of yours!
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