Acupressure for anxiety

Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by Corzhens, May 29, 2016.

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  1. Corzhens

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    There was this demo a long time ago in the Sunday market. It was a promotion of healthy living, i.e. starting from the food we eat up to acupressure. And what is acupressure? It is a type of massage that follows the principle of acupuncture hence the name.

    I am trying to relate acupressure in this board because it looks relevant to some other threads. The acupressure has the so called pressure points which primarily are the upper portion of the back just below the shoulder. Press it with your thumbs as if you are trying to grind something inside. It will help the patient to relax because it is connected to an internal organ (sorry, I forgot the exact organ). The next step is the pressure point of the palm which is the foot of the thumb and the opposite area at the foot of the smallest finger. Both fleshy parts of the palm are also connected somewhere and it can relax the person. It has not been tried but I guess in times of calamity when everyone is in panic, that could greatly help in alleviating anxiety attacks especially during bedtime.
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  2. Lisa

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    I have learnt a few techniques for dealing with anxiety attacks. One is to squeeze your fist for as long and hard as you can and then release it and repeat. You can run your wrists under cold water which reduces the rising temperature of the body when it is in panic mode. Also if you recite a nursery ryhme or song it uses a different part of the brain than the part which is controlling your fight or flight mechanism and so it distracts from the panic. I've tried all of these methods and many more and I find them all useful.
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    Since I was very young, I became a student of Acupressure. We had a good book on Acupressure since 1974. Acupressure was kept secret until President Nixon visited China in 11972. Then all those martial arts, Tao, and sciences like Acupuncture and Acupressure knowledge began to spread out of China, and we too had become interested those studies, especially Tao, Kung Fu martial arts (chiefly due to the motion pictures of the supreme master of that heavenly art, Bruce Lee), and Acupressure.

    So from such a long history of practicing those sciences, mostly from reading books, my family has been greatly benefited from the knowledge, especially Acupressure.

    For anxiety, not the disorder type but the general common symptom we all go through routinely in life, I think the first Acupressure point to be acted on is the LI4. It is a point on the radial side of the palm and is located in the outer palm side between the thumb and the first finger (index finger). It is located just inside the web of that region and on the index finger side. A good 1-minute pressure on that point almost relieves the anxiety phase. Of course my disclaimer is that you must take the opinion of a registered medical practitioner in all such cases, but I have found that this pressure point helps in many situations like pain, etc.

    The LI4 acupressure point is said to aid the Qi energy of the body. It helps tonify the Qi, and regulates its movement in the body. So this is really helpful for the entire self, and not just in anxiety cases.

    Please remember that this is just an opinion of a lay person - me, and one must take the guidance of a competent doctor if one finds no relief from such primary actions to relieve any such abnormal symptom.

    HTH :)
  4. Endure

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    I can't deny that acupressure has Its uses as some kind of placebo, therefore It may be effective as a way to releive a person from anxiety. But I haven't read yet any clinical research that proves other benefits for taking this alternative medicine treatment.
  5. remnant

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    I would not rely on acupressure or other intrusive techniques in the prescence of other simpler and more effective alternatives like deep breathing, living for the moment and walking medicine some of which would yield other dividends when applied. A very effective remedy to anxiety is the power of faith which enables a person to approach the situation with the mindset of a winner. There is a saying that states that when you are walking through hell, don't stop.
  6. lonewolf

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    I've heard of using acupuncture for pain relief, using it for anxiety is a new one on me.
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