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    Above is a good article for intro into this field plus to serve as a current-events update.

    Article has an interesting term: "legal flexabilities". They are a common practice in the swamp.

    Everyone's not a rancher or planter. There are those who like (for various reasons) to stay close to the shack in the woods. Thus, I am adding something not in article. Think of bee-keeping and the product known as "nectar of the gods": honey. Don't think of it as a cash crop but rather one of the best foods for survival purposes. Refrigeration not required.

    Note article's "2.", 3 rd "bullet" - actually it's a dot; - tree nuts -.
    Tree nuts are a staple here, consumed as a daily food plus all the health attributes to be part of the evacuation kit. Plus, the big plus: tree nuts are A+ for prostrate maintenance. Tree nuts are about 3 times more expensive than eg legumes eg peanuts but this is a false price comparison. The comparison must be the cost of the tree nuts versus medical care visits. Ditto in re recent discussions nearby re ginseng. It is expensive compared to eg Lipton's tea or Chinese red tea. The real comparison is the ginseng compared to what medical care visits costs. All else is Aristotelian logic which I call "fallacy".

    Note article's "7."; Besides a Presidential-declared disaster,a few of the Secretaries eg Purdue of USDA, can declare disasters.

    Foot Note: All evac honey is multiple-wrapped, over-packed. I discriminate against bugs and vermin sharing my survival foods.

    Non Foot Note: Anyone remember the standard American food for all situations: peach clings in heavy syrup ? Like cheddar cheese, I now have an aversion to this stuff - unless it's a survival situation.
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