After Teotwawki What Comes Next? Warning, This Is Ugly And Depressing

Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by TexDanm, May 28, 2019.

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    After TEOTWAWKI what comes next? Warning, This is ugly and depressing

    I’ve often thought about this. I have my hopes but then I know people too well and don’t expect them to change. I would like to think that when there were fewer of us and that most of the stupid and trash have been dealt with that we might do better with a redo…The most likely result based on history makes that hope unlikely.

    You would think that after a vast majority of the world’s population has died that people would have enough of death for a while but throughout history that doesn’t seem to be how people go. As soon and things settle the people that are left are going to start returning to the beast that they always have been. Only when there are strong laws that demand it are people able to live together in peace.

    There are sooooo many people that have prejudices that without laws to restrain them they will likely become a problem. I know a lot about this because of where I grew up. It was serious Klan country. It was common for the Klansmen to be in full robes on street corners handing out brochures. Lots of people have all manner of religious prejudices both for and against various faiths. Then you have the homophobes that feel threatened by the idea that someone else has a different sexual orientation than theirs. There are all sorts of problems that some people have with anyone that is not from where they came from or where their parents came from.

    This could be really bad. The people that survive are going to be mostly TOUGH. The weak just are not likely to survive if things go through a long period of anarchy. That means that if you try and treat them like a second class person, they are not going to accept that very well. I will tell you for a fact that most of you would probably be shocked if you can to one of the BBQs and parties we throw here. I may seem at times to be an old redneck but that ends when it comes to my friends and the people that are important in my life. My parties are like a rainbow coalition. We are of all races, many nationalities several religions and probably cover all of the various sexual orientations. We all go shooting together and have BBQs, Fish Fries and crawfish cook outs all depending on the season. We’re all outdoorsy types.

    The assumptions that a lot of people have about the ladies or blacks or gays or Hispanic are mostly ignorance. We are ALL Texans and I would put most of our ladies up against most men in a fight. Hell we have one lady friend that is a mixed martial arts fighter.

    These people are survivors. Several are Veterans, two were special forces, one of the ladies taught horse breeding and training along with butchering in the ag department at the university and is old school TOUGH. I worry sometimes that after things settle that people will try and return to the “old” ways.

    It is part of the insanity of man to always try to kill anyone that is different. In ancient times people would travel thousands of miles just to get there and kill a bunk of people that they didn’t know and that seldom actually had all that much that was worth taking in relation to the amount of effort they put out.

    Slavery wasn’t about free labor. It was about a sickness of the soul that makes people almost need to dominate other people. The civil war didn’t end slavery, it just modified it and made it more profitable. A tenant farmer works just as hard or harder than a slave that will only do what you can make him do. In the end the plantations were even more profitable allowing tenant farmers to work their land instead of using slave labor.

    Where I came from the big industry was lumber. When the slaves were freed they often ended up working the same jobs that were doing before and renting the places that they had lived in as slave. There was an old song that described this. The chorus was “ Oh Jesus don’t you call me cause I can’t go cause I owe my soul to the company store!” They had to buy their food and clothes from the company and stayed buried in debt.

    I would like to hope that we would do better, but it is unlikely. I fear that surviving even after the fall has settled down and 90% of the people are dead will still be a challenge. There was a book many years ago called “the Naked Ape” that discussed mans more beastly side. I think it should have been named, “The Crazy Ape” Normal wild animals of about any kind don’t kill their own species just for the hell of it. They fight over territory, breeding privileges and rights to a kill to eat but even in those fights most of the time the loser walks away alive.

    How will YOU deal with this sort of crap. Chris, could you live in peace with a Muslim neighbor that only wished to take care of his family and live in peace? Some of the more religiously faithful, are you going to be able to accept practices other than those that your specific faith abide by. Good Christians killed people for being Mormon. At one time Catholics were not well received in all areas and Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years. We even have elected people in the Congress that has said that thinking about the holocaust makes her feel all warm and fuzzy. Will the insanity ever end…???
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    This is one of several topics that I am going to write up over the next few days that will deal with some of the uglier sides of the post-collapse world that we may have to deal with.
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    We are sinful creatures. A sinful nature is a depraved nature. Unless the Lord comes, I suspect your views of mankind after TEOTWAKI will be correct. Just because things may change doesn't mean our sinful natures will. Only Jesus can do that for us.
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    Tex Dan M,

    Real good info ......

    I thought I was still reading Sigmund Freud's "Civilization and its Discontent".

    Ref: "Will the insanity ever end...???"; What's scary is that it just might not be insanity but rather how our species has adopted to "civilization".
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    TexDanm: Very interesting post, and a lot of food for thought. Maybe we can avoid the old saying: " People who ignore history are doomed to repeat history's mistakes."

    There will always be someone, or a group of someones that want power, and want to be in charge. They will take power by force. Doesn't matter what you call them. the Gang leader with his thugs, the Drug Lord with his minions, the Mayor with the remnants of his Police Force, the Sheriff with his deputies, the Chief of the tribe. Someone will take charge, and they will retain that authority until they are removed, probably by a superior power.

    One would hope that whoever is in charge that person would have the welfare of the people as his or her primary concern, which is not always the case.

    How will you deal with this crap? Excellent question!! For me, I just want to live in peace. I don't care who lives next door, as long as they want to live in peace. Different religions don't bother me, as long as you don't try to convert me. Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, have no bearing. We are here to peacefully coexist, and make the best situation we can. If it is a utopia then hopefully we can band together when somebody tries to take what we have. You know that will be a part of it.
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    what comes next? a lot of hard unending physical work that's what.
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