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    I have been shooting airguns all my life. And with modern technology having caught up with airguns, the possibilities are endless. Even some of the Wal-Mart airguns are excellent devices for game-getting and self-protection.

    Air guns are inexpensive, easy to maintain; quiet (and even silent with an easy homemade suppressor); ammo is inexpensive, common, and plentiful. Check them out!

    Among other airguns I own, I just snagged up a Crosman Phantom, barely used, for less than half the price of new. An old boy bought it a few years ago, shot it a few times, and put it in the closet. There is literally no difference between this gun and a brand new one. His loss, my gain. It can easily kill very large birds, squirrels, rabbits, and even small deer. And there's tons of these kinds of deals around! Take a look!
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