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  1. Lisa

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    I was just reading another thread about the best kind of foods to have with you or to try to find in a survival situation and nuts came up quite frequently which got me thinking. I have allergies to some nuts and certain fresh fruit and vegetables (not a life threatening allergy but still I can't eat them) and I am now wondering what would happen to people who have severe allergies tot he kind of foods that would most likely keep you alive in an emergency.
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  2. lonewolf

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    if you've got allergies to some foods, then don't eat them......simples.
    I don't like nuts myself so I don't eat them.
  3. Tom Williams

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    That opens. trouble but eat what you can. If buying survival food to store i guess you need to know what they are made with
  4. Finman0507

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    Rather avoid the foods that triggers your allergies... better to get something else?
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