Aluminum for food storage?

Discussion in 'Food Storage - Canning/Freezing/Butchering/Prep' started by Deeishere, May 26, 2016.

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  1. Deeishere

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    I know many, many years ago when I lived in the Bay Area, there was a contest to win a free emergency food kit. I was one of the fortunate ones to win! I was happy especially since I lived in California and never been in a major earthquake. Well in the kit they had this square food that was wrapped in some type of aluminum. It would last for 5 years. I wish I tried it, but at that time I was so worried about an earthquake I just packed it away. I wonder is it possible to do my own wrapping of food out in this vacuum type process instead of canning or using plastic.
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  2. Keith H.

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    Ships Biscuit perhaps? Lasts for ages.
  3. Destiny

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    I know MREs come wrapped in a foil type material. I'm not sure how you could accomplish that at home though.
  4. joshposh

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    I think glass jars would work also. MREs are sealed up tight and dehydrated so that it has a very long shelf life. But as far as trying to obtain your own foil like containers, I don't know where to start on that one. I'm sure it's out there you just need to dig deep for it on the web.
  5. Endure

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    Aluminium tin foil wrapping is a widely practiced way of food preservation and delivery systems thanks to its unique combination of properties, since they are impermeable to oxygen and waters, and therefore a barrier to molds and some
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  6. filmjunkie08

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    Thank you Endure and Deeishere. I have never thought of using tin foil for food preservation. This is new one for me! And such as easy one, too.
  7. Lisa Davis

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    Foil is only good if it is vacuum sealed and air tight. I will also give a warning that certain things that are very acidic, like tomatoes, sometimes don't react very well to any kind of metal, aluminium, or tin containers, particularly if they have the least bit of air in them.
  8. Deeishere

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    The food that I had was vacuumed. I did see a youtube video of a vacuum sealer. This person had a bag foil. It looks easy to do. Just put your item in the bag, place it on the sealer, closed and press the button. I plan to research this sealer. I would like to dehydrate fruits and veggies then seal it.
  9. viva93

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    Vacuum sealing is a good idea! If you are trying to make a survival food storage for yourself you should definitely try it out.

    On the other hand if you prefer buying your food-storage /survival kit you also should look out for professionally sealed food around the shops. It is better than cans and jars and you can keep it in small space.
  10. DeanB

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    I have found a website that offers advice about long term food storage. Of course there are links and comparisons of commercial survival foods. Anyway here is the link in case anyone wants to check it our;
    Hopefully, I am not violating the rules here, I like this site.
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