American Pullout From Syria

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    From what I heard on the radio today we only pulled just under 50 troops from Syria. The left is all fired up about this for some reason. Someone posted this today on the Internet and it struck me as a viable possibility:

    “Here is President Trump’s unbelievable and genius move in Syria! By pulling the troops out of Syria, Turkey invaded Syria and assaulted the Kurds, Russians sent an envoy to Damascus to make a deal between the Kurds and Syrian government to unite them against Turkey. Iran is not happy the Turks are in Syria and brought their troops to the border of Turkey, Germany hits Turkey with sanctions.

    Do you see what a chess player Trump is? As long as U.S was there, those forces were united against U.S. He is putting these former allies against each other and they neutralize each other and didn’t cost U.S. anything. Formerly Turkey, Iran, Russia and Syria were united against U.S. Europeans were not involved and were enjoying U.S. protecting their interest but now they are busy fighting for their interests.

    It’s good for Israel because Iran has to defend Syria against turkey instead of focusing on harming Israel, three enemies of Israel, Iran turkey and Syria are facing off against each other. This invasion is gonna cost Turkey a lot! So it brought unity between Syria and Kurds, and division between Russia, Turkey and Iran.This is just unbelievable what President Trump is doing! This guy is a GENIUS!!!

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    -Ramin Parsa
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