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    Good morning all,

    Had just read a statement in a long article that I found interesting and believe it will prove of interest to Forum members..

    In an article about LDS communities in north Mexico titled "'Colonies of Refuge': A History of Mormon Settlers on Southern Border" by Simon Romero, et al, Queen Creel, Arizona, New York Times (pulp ed) of 6 Nov 19:

    "More recently, Mr Staddon said, family members have been facing new challenges, including the control of gasoline distribution by criminal gangs, which have made farming operations more difficult. Cartels in Mexico seem to be looking for new sources of revenue to make up for losses related to the legalization of marijuana in parts of the United States, he said."

    Gallows humor ! Criminal gangs can be eliminated but it won't be done by the UN or OAS or Tinker Bell.
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