Animals And Disasters

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    Good morning all,

    Part of animal husbandry is preparing for disaster arrangements.

    Above link tells of a Tennessee program called DART.

    Not mentioned in article is the other, related program (usually the same folks at meetings/seminars) called SART - State Animal Rescue Team.

    The mentioned "federal resources" = $$$. I doubt if there is a Federal detachment in D.C, or the Northern Virginia Autonomous Oblast with livestock skills.............but there once was. I met some of them at D.C.meetings. I worked the overseas oil exploration arena and met my counterparts at USDA working the livestock. Still have some business cards listing their specialty. All this changed after the Nixon coup d' and Federal jobs became identity-politics gifts for the unemployable.


    For advanced-level Preppers: Recommend take a SART/DART - even badminton course at least to learn the terms and "show the flag".

    For some advanced-level Preppers: In consultation with your health care provider, consider whether advantageous to get a pre-rabies vaccination (used to be a series of 3 shots; expensive from my perspective but got it for free. Only with attendance at a quality Prepper club can someone readily learn how to get the freebies.)


    If not "inta" animals, it doesn't matter. The diseases transferred from animals to humans during disasters are basically understood by the health care community. It doesn't matter because of limited resources even in routine times. In disasters: YOYO.
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