Anti Gunners Are At It Again.....

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  1. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    The anti gunners are at it again...demonstrating cleaerly that Americans cannot be trusted to own guns...

    They are also trying to pass false messaging and changing words to slip one past unthinking Americans.

    This is not the first time this has been tried.

    I believe it was shot down some years back in a court case as rights are not subject to such insurance coverage as are privileges.

    Here..this ...

    The slick change or shift in word mis instead of using the word in the Bill of Rights...they slip in the word.."Privileges" and then proceed as if this is normal. It is not.

    The 2nd Amendment is a right ...under the Bill of Rights and in particular the First 10 Amendments which are all "Limits" on governments ..not on the people.

    What governments try to do and as New York is demonstrating by slick changing of the shift the 2nd Amendment into the Arena of "Privileges." Government Issues and thereby regulated and controlled "Privileges."

    Do any of you remember when coming up when it was called your Right to Vote.

    Now days they are calling it your voting Privilege. When was a switch made and I don't remember anyone publically stating a switch had been made from rights to privileges.

    Be Warned the deceitful lying ....misdirecting and fakery of Leadership in this seeking to put people into bondage.

    And remember..and get the word out.... " If you cannot be trusted with a gun ...why would you ever be trusted with a vote.??"

    They now calling your right to vote a privilege too.....Be Warned.

    And someone is bringing thousands and thousands of illegals and planning to put them on the voting rolls to outvote the American people.....meaning you cannot be trusted to vote in a predictable, controllable, malleable, guaranteed manner ...but Illegals can.

    Be Warned.

    My Non Ishmaelite .02,
  2. Sonofliberty

    Sonofliberty Master Survivalist

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    As conservatives and 2A supporters, one thing we do wrong is use the verbiage adopted by the left. For example, we should never again use the term "gun control" unless we are referring to how you handle your weapon. The left calls it "gun control" what they really mean, and the terms we need to start using in all related conversations is "civilian disarmament". Just as "women's rights" or "reproductive rights" is code for abortion; gun control is code for civilian disarmament.
    The other thing we need to address is the 2A and the BOR themselves. The 2A does not give us the right to keep and bear arms. The RTKBA is derived from the natural right to self defense. The 2A is supposed to be an acknowledgement of the fact that government has no jurisdiction over our God given natural right to defend ourselves with what ever weapons we see fit. Personally, I draw the line at WMDs. Individuals do not need nuclear or biological weapons to defend themselves; not even from an oppressive government. JMO, YMMV. I could make an exception for homemade chemical weapons.
    Aside from WMDs, any and all weapons and weapons systems should be up for grabs. A10s, Battleships, F35s, SSNs, DDGs, belt fed machine guns, mortars and other indirect fire artillery. Whatever.
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  3. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    If the Left is going to succeed in enacting their civilian disarmament laws -- "enacting", they'll never effect them -- then they had better get busy and very quickly so. Here in America, we are right on the verge of things going sideways.

    As the lead-up to the 2020 elections gets hotter, so are the emotions. There has already been violence. A Republican congressman (Steve Scalise) and those with him were shot; the congressman almost bled to death (pelvic shatter; hell to treat). Charlottesville was a minor confrontation (summer 2017). However, tensions are very, very high.

    Just me, however I see every possibility that there could be an attempt on the life of Donald Trump. Should this happen, successful or not, conservatives will lock'n'load ... quite literally.

    If Trump gets re-elected, then the Left will cry, "Rape!" and urban riots could be triggered. I think urban rioting is inevitable, period.

    If the Left gets their candidate elected, they will pass laws that will NOT be followed. Sheriffs in conservative parts of America have already begun to refuse to enforce laws contrary to the Constitution, they most assuredly are NOT confiscating semi-autos from decent citizens.

    When the firearm confiscations begin, civil war will begin. If a national emergency is declared, that's it, the nation will be permanently divided and there will be no going back to even a semblance of unity. The blood will flow in rivers down America's city streets. What will follow is likely a military takeover -- such is a perpetual theme in world history.

    In sum: America is a warehouse packed with powder kegs and everyone is smoking and flicking matches. Under such circumstances, NO ONE WILL WILLINGLY TURN IN THEIR FIREARMS.

    Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, .................
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  4. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    The "Rights" under the Consitution of the United State are all "Limits" on Government. This is the source of our "Limited Government."

    All of our phony fake gas lighting leadership in both political parties are working hard to reduce our "Rights" from God to privileges granted by government or if you prefer the sovereign.

    This is a 180 degree flip flop as are so many government jurisdictions/switches taking place.

    They can put any name they want on it such as the latest...gun safety..but it is still a intended and manipulated reversal of jurisdictions.....and few Americans anymore understand this in the carefully cultivated emotions and guilt shaming after every shooting that takes place.

    What you notice after every shooting incident is that the attempts are to limit and remove property/guns from people who had nothing at all to do with these shooting incidents. They are in effect finding Americans guilty in some manner over what happened and planning to remove from them their property/guns when they in fact had nothing to do with what happened.

    You have to become educated to become so stupid that you do not recognize what is happening.

    Guns are property....private property....

    Obama care was the same kind of scam.....holding people accountable because others could not afford health care.

    In their wisdom...this government passed a law...requiring people to pay for their own over priced health care and pay more for someone else to be able to have free health care........someone was paying twice or more...and having their property removed from them twice. Money is property according to multitudes of court cases going back to English Common Law...and numerous court cases in this country.

    Obama Care was and is indentured servitude...slavery to get freebies including votes for deceitful leadership.

    Taking the public's guns without due process is indentured servitude...and will lead to more indentured servitude/slavery.

    Bewarned Amendment 13 carefully..along with The first 10 Amendments.

    Watch carefully after the next shooting incident for the same olde "Usual Suspects" coming out of the wood work to find Americans guilty and shame them.....and make speeches needing to take their guns....when they had nothing to do with these shootings.

    This is the same scam they are running on the NRA who also had nothing to do with these shootings.
    They must manufacture a bad guy..and then go after this bad guy they have manufactured and remove from them their property.

    I could go on with more but this will suffice for now.

    Be warned ...after the next shooting incident ....and the same pattern of operation..because gun control is one of the last issues they have big time on which to manufacture votes on an unthinking overly emotional public.

    If you cannot be trusted with a gun you will never be trusted with a vote...
    More involuntary servitude and slavery.
    Privileges granted by the government/sovereign...not rights granted by God.
    They are trying to pull a switch and hope no one catches them doing it.

    Three card Monte...a shell game.

    My non Ishmaelite .02

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  5. Morgan101

    Morgan101 Master Survivalist

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    They will never give up, so neither can we. Their ultimate goal is to ban all guns, and disarm the people. Hard facts and evidence mean nothing to the Left. We can just look at the most recent; Venezuela. The Government has all the guns, and the people are throwing rocks. How is that working out for them?
  6. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    The good news is that Liberals don't own guns AND don't serve in the all-volunteer military. That would mean about the shortest civil war in history.

    The real problem though isn't the Liberal left. The problem is a corrupt Washington political group that crosses both sides of the aisle. The left says a lot of stuff and even tries to do some things but does very little. The right talks a lot but does NOT a damn thing. Both sides are trying to oust Trump because he isn't a Washington insider. The Republicans sat on their ass with control of the House and Senate and let Clinton break every law out there and did NOTHING.

    Washington is rotten to the core and both parties basically want to take down the United States and replace it with the Republic of America where all power resides in Washington. Elections are already a joke. We are allowed to vote for two very carefully chosen candidates. Trump was a fluke because he was able to totally finance his own candidacy. He terrifies all politicians. What would happen if people realized that maybe a successful businessman might be a better leader than a professional speech maker that has never done anything of note in their entire life other than lying and make promises that they never intended to keep?

    Say what you want about Trump despite resistance from all the politicians he has tried to do the things that he said he would do. If the Republicans weren't just a bunch of nutless liars they would back him instead of stabbing him AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in the back.

    If they throw open the borders the US is going to slowly devolve into the same sort of piss hole that describes most of Central and South America and the Middle East. that will allow the Washington Crooks to declare martial law and suspend our constitutional rights to "protect" us from ourselves.
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