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Discussion in 'Navigation' started by Pragmatist, Jan 31, 2020.

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    Good morning all,

    It's not natural, but close enough for this section's theme.

    Eddy can think that "best" is an absolute word with a universal standard meaning. It is not. I and many others avoid driving through crime areas.

    If it's on the web, privacy does not exist.

    "Real-time transit" and "Washington, D.C." are oxymoronic.
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    I do occasionally use google maps to get directions to somewhere, but I always click the 'alternate' routes displayed, mostly because I hate driving through any congested areas and will go out of my way to drive all the way around just to do so! In a SHTF situation, eventually cell towers would go inert, so any web application that gave you directions would become unreliable. Besides, because of the privacy issues you mentioned, why would I want to broadcast my whereabouts to anyone and everyone?!
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