Are There Any Other Uses For Potentially Poisonous Mushrooms?

Discussion in 'Finding, Identifying, and Preparing Food' started by giovanniiiii, Jul 10, 2017.

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    I know it is much safer to stay away from mushrooms. I think there is actually a guideline on how to spot a poisonous mushrom by checking its appearances. It's very dangerous to eat a wild mushroom since some them do not even have cures or antidotes.
    I have been wondering if there is other uses for wild mushrooms other than for food, like disinfecting wounds or any of some sort?
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    I carry a little book on mushrooms in my pack this time of the year. I love mushrooms.
    Alot of mushrooms work as tinder when they are dry enough, but then again so does most organic matter. I recomend you get a book on medicinal plants and mushrooms if you are interrested.
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