Are There Natural Remedies For Pain In Nature?

Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by JeffHart, May 24, 2017.

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  1. JeffHart

    JeffHart New Member

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    If you were trying to survive in the deep woods of Kentucky or the wilds of Alaska and you don't have any pain reliever with you. Are there natural remedies to help with pain?
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  2. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Aspirin from willow bark might help. Other than that you could ferment some native flowers to make alcohol. Here we can use the flowers of the Goonagurra plant, also know as Yacca, Kangaroo tail & Black Boy.
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  3. Koala

    Koala Well-Known Member

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    What about Birch leaf? it has many benefits, it's used in Aspirin and I'm pretty sure it can also be used as an analgesic.

    We also have a lot of Arnica growing around here... which is a great pain reliever. I'm sure there are many more that you can use though.
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  4. JeffHart

    JeffHart New Member

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    I never thought to boil specific flowers to make alcohol. Great to know! I am adding this knowledge for my survival arsenal. ;)

    Thank you.
  5. JeffHart

    JeffHart New Member

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    Good ones. Thank you for sharing!
  6. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    Yes, willow bark but Google it.
  7. Lydia Lucinda

    Lydia Lucinda New Member

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  8. Kootenay prepper

    Kootenay prepper Expert Member

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    I've found elders from tribes in different areas have a lot of different knowledge on medicinal plants that have been passed down through generations.
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  9. watcherchris

    watcherchris Master Survivalist

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    I had to chuckle to myself on this one.

    Is not the rosin of the poppy plant a natural remedy for pain...also the Hemp plant.

    Now don't misunderstand me here. I am more than aware of the wholesale misuse of these natural plants by so many and for recreational uses. I am not at all advocating this road.

    I am just thinking that in times past and in certain areas of the world they were used in that capacity...and by native people.

    If one was way off the beaten road and medical help was very very far away and difficult to get there...I don't think one would be arguing much about the remedy for pain. needs to know the adverse side effects of these plants.

    I would think that one would learn , as did our ancestors, to grow ones own supply of these plants and others as well...on ones own private plots. Not enough to go into business.but for ones own usage. I am not even sure if one needs special controlled environment to grow poppies or such. Greenhouses.
    I think the hemp is hearty sufficient to grow almost anywhere in the 50 states...but not sure about the poppy.

    As I understand it in our World Wars...many soldiers got hooked on Morphine....from to frequent use and ready availability.
    I am not advocating for this kind of thing. For not only can some of these remedies be habit forming but they can be deadly as well. Once needs to know these like manner as to what mushrooms are edible and what mushrooms are deadly.

    As for myself...I don't like being around drunken people who cannot put it down.. nor drugged up people...nor people who cannot make it without nicotine. I have no use for this kind of "High Maintenance " people.
    I understand the need for pain remedies...but not habitual use/misuse of these plants/medicines.

    Habitual use and or misuse of these things is to me a type of bondage.

    Over the years I have found that I have a higher than average threshold for pain....but once I reach and exceed that threshold....I'm done in....ready for just such remedies. But I do not want to get hooked on any such pain remedy.

    I've just known too many people who have wasted their youth and into their middle years in such recreational usage of these things. Not for me thanks.

    Oh..and part of my SHTF and TEOTWAWKI supplies..I have put back over the years six fifth bottles of Bacardi 151 proof rum. None of them have been opened in 7 years. I have also put back two pint bottles of the same...unopened to this day.
    I am just not a big drinker..never have been....even beer. But it is there for those times.

    When I get bad a bad when I hit the hard stuff and then hit the rack for some hard deep sleep. That is how I prefer to use said..."Hard stuff."

    My .02,
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  10. KarlSurvivor

    KarlSurvivor Active Member

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    Technically, the acetaminophen is based in a natural plant. Some ancient tribes use the leaves to cover wounds o areas with muscular pain as a painkiller
  11. Crys B.

    Crys B. Active Member

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    Natural can be interpreted in many ways. Technically, the body has natural opiods in it.

    I know there are breathing techniques that can help with pain and pain resistance. But, from personal experience, (and as someone who goes through a lot of pain and medication and herbs don't work), it still is very difficult to develop pain resistance. I imagine it will take me quite a bit more time to.

    None the less, it is possible to develop. You just have to develop the discipline.

    It used to be, in the early middle ages, they had ways to anesthetist people. But that appears to be lost by the late medieval period, and the Renaissance period didn't rediscover it.
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