Arkansas Offers A Form Of Homesteading

Discussion in 'Arkansas' started by Pragmatist, Nov 12, 2020.

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    Good evening all,

    This section is as close as I could find to post above.

    For new entrants to the labor market as a "remote" worker, Arkansas is offering something well worth researching.

    If I was just starting out, I'd already have the NW Arkansas maps and a couple of large file folders of info.

    With the breakup of the family, many young workers do not have the uncles, aunts, etc for guidance. Still, this link above is worth showing someone starting out.

    The area is beautiful.

    Governor Winthrop Rockefeller was on to something !

    "Where one can live, one can live well." Anon
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    One word of advice to Arkansas, make sure the people being provided moving incentive are NOT liberals. That would be like putting out cheese for plague infested rats.
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