Army Hand-warming Device

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    Since article is about an Army device to keep hands warn, prepare for cold hands.

    This is about research by USARIEM. I am sure this research is followed by DARPA, MITRE, RAND and others.

    I need not imagine soldiers trying to reload ammunition with a pair of thick gloves. Memories abound. In a non-cold area, in general not cold but still need a jacket when it gets cold, the initial pre-birdcage M16 rifles had a trigger housing bar that could be opened to allow for using the trigger to shoot when wearing the mentioned thick gloves.

    Principle researcher John C ... can't read my scribbled name written down ... would best be served to enhance his research by talking with Miss Lee's Cub Scout pack. They might ask why not modity the rifle. An army in Asia already publicly introduced the new laser infantry rifle. Here the USN has them as deck guns. Regardless, gloves still needed even if hot. Bio stuff could be present.

    I am freezing just from this covid shot/jab. At least I'm contributing to our herd mentality.

    Meanwhile, there are catalogs for industry featuring ultra cold weather gloves. Anticipatespending much $ and still being cold.

    cc: Mother Nature
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