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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Not familiar with environmental injustice. Not familiar with community justice. I am familiar with climate change.

    Is ending industrial logging the "best tool" to confront climate change ? I'd argue the Amazon basic tragedy should get priority. JFK and Khrushev's atmospheric test ban treaty surely helped more than wood pellets going to Europe.

    Desi Arnez (I Love Lucy shows) was Hispanic. Why not follow him in this career field ? Joan Baez is Hispanic. Why not follow her in the folk song work? ("Go tell it on or at a swamp or marsh if you know the difference and let my people drain the swamp...") The Supremes' Benjamin Cardozo was Hispanic (Portugal). Why not go into law ? Forgot names and specifics but wasn't the Pan Am family of Hispanic heritage or perhaps it was the adopted son who was from Mexico ?

    I'm familiar with Hispanic Heritage and the set aside month to publicize it. Had successfully worked up a Reserve armory bulletin board display section for Asian-American heritage month. I featured blond, blue-eyed women in traditional garments of the current Soviet maritime oblasts.

    Was preparing for a Hispanic Heritage month featuring Spanish Holland and luxury boat excursions near offshore Matati, Belgium Congo when the Colonel asked me to let a newcomer work the display.

    I just don't understand why Aleuts don't visit the Great Smokey Mountains.

    Environmental studies were present and ongoing well prior to Lucia Ibarra's entry into wildlife biology and environmental improvement efforts. In the early 1960s I learned how the Interstate Highway system changes the rain drainage and consequences.

    I'd argue that ending industrial logging is NOT the "best tool" to confront climate change. Discuss with the Brazil's officials how to handle the Amazon tragedy.

    Well, Lucia, what's it to be ? ... Let the Europeans buy Russian gas or send them wood pellets to replace coal ? Believe nuclear is out of the question.
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