Article On "white Privlege"

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Sep 11, 2020.

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    White privilege and peaceful protests in Portland have the same value in facts. Both applied terms are complete B.S.!!!!
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    White privilige.....

    Peggy McIntosh created the devout and zealous religious dogma of White Privilege and White Male Privilege..

    Most Americans have never heard the name Peggy McIntosh nor that she came up with this idea...on which the Obama Administration picked up on and ran with it all across this land..

    White Privilege and White Male Privilege is systemic racism and also sexism....and is now also incorporated into CRT or Critical Race Theory.

    All of these are government sponsored racism and sexism for the purpose or socially and eventually economically herding people....

    Getting some people to pay or be taxed twice or more so that others can play through in the system for free....

    All of these are also a form of bondage, censorship, Herding....involuntary servitude....making some people pay twice or more so others can get it for free..

    Read Amendment 13 of The Constitution of the United States..

    Unless of course you have a television or movie education in rabid , rampant, run away emotions in lieu of real thinking.

    These causes and or techniques are a means of herding every aspect of their lives..a control technique.

    It is government sponsored Racism and Sexism.

    These people backing theses groups are today become the very thing they claim to be against.

    This is demonism at work...a 180 degree flip flop....particularly by educated people of letters....who should know better..

    In short have to become educated to become this naturally stupid...

    Ishmaelites run wild......

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    The following article is a great read. I've only quoted four paragraphs. It speaks to the destructive policy of "leveling down" espoused by Leftists. "Leveling up" is a benefit to any country; however, the Left sees this as racist oppression. One questions the beliefs of the Left. Do they believe that some groupings of people are incapable of learning more / becoming more. Seems the "let's just dumb-down everything" path is part of Leftist dogma. The Democratic party was and is the party of slavery.

    "Stop learning to read, it's discriminatory: ongoing debate in France"

    "Last among the gusts blowing from the valleys of progressivism is the proposal of pedagogue Louis Maurin, director of the Observatoire des inégalités (Observatory of Inequalities), who is championing a battle that is at first sight unusual: raising the age for learning to read.

    "What is the promoter's proposed thesis? The obvious inequality among primary school pupils, some more gifted others less so, would be the result of nothing less than social inequality ahead of school entry. Nothing new so far, but the diagnosis of the "problem" goes deeper. The inequality, for Maurin, stems from the ability of parents from high social backgrounds to teach their children to read before they enter primary school: the children of the wealthy, in essence, would arrive at school already literate and thus with a distinct advantage in learning over children born into immigrant families or from the most deprived classes. The solution? Always the same: level down by raising the age of learning to read from six to seven. At six years old, what is the point - Maurin wonders - of knowing how to read?

    "The proposal may raise eyebrows until one discovers that Louis Maurin is not a creative pedagogical whiz-bang spreading his theories from his living room, but one of the most authoritative sources, in education, in the entire Hexagon. In fact, the Observatory on Inequalities is an association affiliated with the public administration (and funded by it), and it gathers on its scientific council the cream of the French academic authorities in the fields of sociology, economics and philosophy, whose analyses are often taken up by "Le Café pédagogique," a very popular website and a true opinion maker for many French teachers.

    "Maurin's proposal, then, does not consist of an impromptu stunt but of a new and precise chapter in the deconstruction of cognitive skills that schools in Western countries seem to be pursuing almost intentionally. To justify this under the cloak of equality, as well as ubiquitous anti-fascism, is a folly that has not failed to attract the attention of "Marianne," a weekly magazine aligned strongly to the left but never soft with woke fashions, often considered, by a large section of French people, to be American cultural trends foreign to the rationalist roots of the République."
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