Atilatle Weapon. Simple And Easy To Make.

Discussion in 'Primitive Weapons' started by jeager, Apr 6, 2017.

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  1. jeager

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    The atalatle is a simple weapon to make but requires practice to use effectively.
    Most weapons require knowledge and practice to become proficient with them.

    Just a thought.
    Frankly I'd rather use my archery skills and equipment I'm familiar with but thought
    some might find this useful.
    At least interesting.

    Wonder? Thoughts on making "darts" from 4 or 5" dowel or splicing hard wood
    dowel to make a 5 or 6" dart?
    I'm kind of wanting to learn to be effective with the atalatle just 'cause.
    Kind of a fun thing to do.
    I think harvesting deer with one in Ohio is illegal.
    Perhaps it's a sort of archery?
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  2. lonewolf

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    nope, its a spear.
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