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Discussion in 'Survival Kits' started by Pragmatist, Jul 11, 2020.

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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    It's about some skills plus the recommended kit for the trunk ("Boot" in Br English).

    Re 5; Not that sure re "explosive aerosol".

    Re Bug-Out Trunk; Consider loading a heavier crowbar than the type pictured. Again, just consider. There are many variables. I have both and the flat, lighter weight model is limited in use.

    Add a sturdy, thick, square or rectangle of wood eg from a 2" x 8" x ___ for jack to rest on. Might be working in dirt, sand,...


    The test drive - not in article - ....... Fire up the hot wired car and at operating temps, punch open the four barrel. If you can go zero to just spent 5 $ at 29 nine per, you're rollin'.
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  2. varuna

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    IMO best to use socket wrench + breaker bar rather than lug wrench.

    I'm curious why the article recommended changing the tire rather than changing the whole wheel which is more practical. As for fuel, why not just buy the fuel in smaller container and use (not sure what it is called) something to direct the flow. Overall what being recommend in that article just isn't practical particularly when your under intense stress.
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  3. Dalewick

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    The WD40 is a good explosive aerosol. Crazy sounding trick, but it does work. Tried it once on a Ford F150.

    I would suggest either a 2nd come along or even better a 48 inch high lift jack. With a climbing rope or tow strap you can use the high lift as an extra come along or as a high lift. They are great for jacking you out of a ditch or rut and then place rocks, limbs, trees or whatever under you to get out.

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  4. lonewolf

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    Forget trying to bug out by car in a national or even local emergency, the roads will end up as giant car parks(parking lots to our American members).
    we've only got to see what happens on most major highways when a simple road traffic accident happens, the traffic backs up for miles. in the UK if the police gets involved then your looking at a 5,6, 8 hour wait going nowhere.
    which is why I dont use major highways!!!
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  5. Pragmatist

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    Good morning Varuna,

    In concept, agree. A socket wrench is better than a lug wrench.

    However, ...... I have a different / added criteria in my Prepper philosophy.

    My emergency plans, such as re the article, factor in me having some ailment(s) / injuries during event. I've experienced many types of less than ideal health situations from hand injuries, GSW, respiratory matters,reduced physical strength, ...

    One modification I use to loosen lugs is US Army doctrine involving the help of a hammer. A socket wrench sometimes has a ratchet mechanism that is damaged by hammer hits. I can testify to this and have paid for replacement of an otherwise useful half inch drive tool.

    I carry a 4 ... looks like a cross ... with lug nut size section painted in fluorescent orange in case doing tire at night / limited visibility .... type of tool packed along with a hatchet-hammer combination tool.

    Foot Note; max versatility factored in; Half inch drive wrench also in box with conversion attachments down to 3 eights, and 2 others (believe metric- I forgot).
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