bad winter storms.

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    Growing up in Oklahoma bad winters is something you're used to. I remember so many winters trapped in the house for weeks sometimes. One particular winter comes to mind. I was in highschool and my vehicle was in the shop. I had been driving my mothers 4x4 to school and work everyday. The day the snow came in my mom took it to work hoping the 4x4 would get her home. It didn't. She made it several miles from the house and got stuck in the ditch. My dad went and retrieved her and left the car over night. The next morning we woke up and the snow was all the way up to our thighs! My mom soon realized she had left the car unlocked. This was a problem!! In my recent weeks of driving the car I had left very valuable items in the car. Including a brand new several hundred dollar dress, music devices, three $80 books, and more! My dad said, "whine about it or go get it". My brother and I dressed in our warmest clothes and took off. We walked 3-4 miles in thigh deep snow going uphill. Its was horrible! By the time we made it to the car my dad came and got us. I didn't know any better and jumped into a warm bath thinking it would warm my shivering body. It sent stinging pain through my entire body. I definitely learned my lesson. Looking back I can't believe it got so bad. Luckily, my mom always kept lots of food, and a generator.
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    Its awful to find yourself in an emergency or survival situation involving snow. I live in the tropics where the phenomenon of snow is a rarity unless during times of unprecedented weather occurrences elsewhere. I think that one should have a pair of insulated boots and a tough canvas coat padded on the inside as well as sturdy gloves. I currently live in one of the colder zones of the tropics and can empathise with the situation.
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    Winter storms are seriously my worst case scenarios. The cold weather is my least favorite thing. I always stock up on blankets and candles. Also stalking up on food and water would be a good idea. If I had to walk like you had to, I would use hand warmers and foot warmers. I would put extra in my pockets to keep my legs warm. I would just make sure I was layered up as in as many layers would fit around my body.
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    Winter storms are pretty bad, and the fact that you wouldn't be able to help yourself when you are stuck in a blizzard would make you pretty helpless. The only way to counter storms of this magnitude is to be aware of weather forecasts and plan ahead, as you wouldn't be able to go to get supplies when the snows fall. It's better to be prepared weeks earlier, and sometimes it may be for the best, as days before storms, panic buying starts, and if you arrive late at the grocery stores, you wouldn't have anything left to purchase. That's why it is so important to be able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to natural disasters.
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    Winter storms needs a good sturdy shelter one able to have a fire inside food store this is when your canned dryed. Smoked. Whatever you have food stash is needed the most haveing firewood. Supply ahead of time as the storm rolls in you hunker down and ride it out
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    When you live in a cold place prone of Harsh winters, be a prepper can be truly a life saver. Bad winter storm can be truly worrisome, I've been through tropical storms and it led me to think everything would collapse. But fortunately every storm I've experience didn't end up in a tragedy.
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    I have experienced many winter storms in Germany before but would hear it on the radio beforehand and always stay home and not go outside that much. Sometimes it was still possible to buy some food, other times we asked our neighbor for help and luckily they were kind enough to help us out.
    If I would have not known that a winter storm is on its way I think it would have been worse because you are just not prepared enough. Being mentally prepared, knowing that something will happen is a big step. Not knowing rather brings you in danger.​
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