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    I remember when I was a young woman, my uncle in the province was telling us about water inside the bamboo. Just like the water of coconut, that water in the bamboo is pure and nice to drink. He said that hunters would be getting water from the bamboo when there is no other source. However, you need to know how to determine if the bamboo has water inside because not all bamboo have water.
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    The water should be really good, that water was filtered by the bamboo and should be really sweet. There are places that use bamboos as filters, there are certain bamboo species that have a sort of sponge like material in the segments and when water is passed through, it comes out really clean.
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    So, Corzhens, did your uncle teach you to identify the type of bamboo that does have water? That would be a very useful skill to have! I'm going to do some research on bamboo and find out how many types of bamboo there are and where the most abundant growth is.

    I just have this idea that most bamboo grows in warmer climates, such as Florida and maybe south Texas. It would also be good to know natural water sources like this for those people who live in colder climates.
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    Well, that was cool! I didn't know that bamboo is actually a GRASS. And the website I found tells how to cut into sections of it to find water, and even says that it is hard to kill, so if you cut into it looking for water, it will grow back. Good to know. Here's the website I found:
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