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    There are many different wild animals out there that are known for attacking human beings. Amongst one of the most notorious and dangers of these animals is the grizzly bear. Bears have attacked humans since the days of early settlers and pioneers. It is really hard to win a fight with a bear using hand to hand combat. Bears can run extremely fast, and it is very unlikely that you will outrun them. They are also great climbers and can come right up a tree after you. If you find yourself in a bear attack, the best thing that you can do is to play dead. The bear may scratch and maul you unfortunately, but it is better to be scratched up and cut up a bit then have your life ended.
    The absolute best way to avoid a bear attack is to have a high powered rifle or pistol with you. You will have to have a 44 magnum or 357 to do even anything more than make a bear mad for a pistol. Sometimes if you are in an emergency situation and a bear is attacking should you have a flair at hand they can also help deter the bear from mauling you. However should you find yourself in the situation where you have no weapons of any kind and are attacked by a bear the best thing you can do is to play dead. By doing this, the bear will eventually lose interest in you. Should the bear walk away and you are sure it is not watching you that is the time to make your run. Bears will come back and carry off carcasses to stash for later.
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    no bears in the UK, worst we have are Mink-vicious things they can be, and wild boar.
    there are supposed to be "wild cats" in some of the moorland areas, probably puma's released back in the mid 70s when strict licencing came into force and these cats have bred in the wild, not often seen and mainly at a distance.
    then of course there are "wild cats" in Scotland which are not puma's but a completely different thing entirely and specific to Scotland only.
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    Hey shot....I have heard that the most affective way to defend against a bear attack is the special bear mace.... I mean I would rather have a 44mag but in some cases a spray would cover a greater area and wouldn't rely on someone to be steady...personally I would be busy crapping my pants and it may make a steady shot with any weapon a challenge...
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