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  1. John Snort

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    Assuming that you don't live in a city or you've left because circumstances forced you to in addition to raising animals and growing crops [for your food] bee keeping could provide you with honey [which has many uses] and wax for making candles should you need them. And even if you don't, the candles you make and the honey itself can be used for bartering.

    So whilst you learn how to be self-sufficient learn bee keeping too. It's knowledge that could prove to be really useful.
  2. joshposh

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    Another aspect that you haven't mentioned is the fact that bees pollinate other plants which is needed for reproduction. If you have a garden, having bees around will help then grown and spread.
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  3. SirJoe

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    Honey is a great source of glucose and minerals. It also has a lot of medicinal properties. The best thing to do before thinking of keeping bees is to do a lot of research and if possible speak to someone that already has bees. Bee hives can develop diseases and the right steps have to be taken to eradicate them in time.
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    That's true. But I don't think that in a disaster situation, we will have a garden immediately.
    In order to get honey, you need bees to have a good environment so they can do their polarization(I think that's how you say it), and produce honey.Also, you need to have some equipment in order to collect the honey afterwards, unless you like being stung.
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    To be honest, having bees around is the last thing that would be on my mind and on the priority list. I was just trying to elaborate more on the original post subject. Let be do their own thing for they can survive without our intervention.
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