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    Bees are one of the most incredible possible food sources in the world. After the apocalypse, they will return to nature and scatter far and wide. If you will learn just a bit about our little friends they could be a source of unlimited food and wealth.

    Keeping bees is fairly easy and there are a lot of good books out there so I’m not going to try and make this a how too about beekeeping. What I am going to do is try to offer a few things to help you understand them and more easily take advantage of their bounty.

    First off they are amazingly gentle creatures in most cases. There are indeed some species that are more aggressive than the norm but even those can be dealt with. Finding wild bees is actually pretty simple if a little time-consuming. Bees fly in a B-LINE from their current hive location to and from their current feeding grounds. They will fly straight as an arrow to and from and you can even make aa good guess at how high off the ground their hive is going to be because they will fly at that height when returning to their flower patch.

    Find a place where there are bees gathering nectar and then pick one and follow it. When you lose it just wait and watch and in a little while another will come by heading in that same direction and so you can follow it until you lose that one. If you have patience the bees will lead you to their home.

    Once you have located the hive you can either gather that hive in and take it home or just rob it where it is. The entire comb including the wax and the honey and in some cases the unhatched pupae are eatable and super high calorie.

    You can use smoke to chase them off the hive or sort of make them weak and not very aggressive. Once you open the hive you can take the honey and part of the comb and leave the rest for later or you can search out the queen and using her as ransom get the rest of the hive to go with you. When bees are swarming and not in the hive you can just gently reach into the swarm and gather them into a box. Without a hive to protect a swarm is only concerned with covering up the queen. If she is in your hand the entire swarm will gather on you and you can put them in a container to take home.

    If there are bees where you live you need to read up on them. They are a very simple and easy source of a lasting food supply.
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    The massive amount of bees in my parts during the summer is simply impressive. I have no idea how they survive the long cold winters. I’ve lived all over the world and have never encountered so many bees.

    As a kid growing up in Appalachia, my grandparents had multiple hives. I’ve always enjoyed the honey. Guess I should read up on them.
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