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    Good morning all,

    SIDEBAR: Dale, You've got a good selection.

    Per ...

    Note "experts predict". Some experts have contrary predictions. Join me at tomorrow's meeting of the International Association of Military Experts. It starts promptly at 10:15 AM local time, tomorrow, 7 December 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii.

    Belize has been saved by the Pacific Disaster Center. We on the Atlantic still don't know the difference between seaweed and kelp.

    Note that understandable information is needed. Glance at a 1960s era US Army Technical Manual (TM) and you'll understand why Headquarters, Department of the Army approved funds for a comic book style publication, featuring "Connie", so technical information could be provided to soldiers in the form of "understandable".

    FOOTNOTE: I've had many soldiers told me that they would read the Connie comic books from cover to cover and save them.
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    I loved those comic book TM's. They were great. I had one for years on the PM for the M16 rifle. It finally fell apart is the only reason I got rid of it.

    I've put a good deal of study into where to head and how I believed would be the best way to get there . But, that is only if I determined the USA was no longer survivable. Belize has a lot of attractors for a prepper seeking a long range bug out destination. Or, at least I think so.

    Thanks for the nod.



    Order Number - 4213 - Ronald Wickline.png
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    Dawn and I visited Belize twice, once in 2004, and again in 2011. We originally went to dive the barrier reef, the largest in the world after the GBR in Australia. We also did some trips to Maya ruins on the Guatemala border. It's a lovely country, especially the Orange Walk District, which has quite a few freehold farms owned by Mennonites and other German-speaking folks. We gave serious thought to moving there, since my brother and his family were expats in Costa Rica.

    Belize is the only country south of the US border (except Guyana) where everyone speaks English. It is a poor country, and the property values were pretty good. Now, I'm not sure; property values have undoubtedly gone up. Unlike Costa Rica, Belize is a Third World country; the medical and roads infrastructure is, to put it mildly, rather poor. But if you want to consider a place where you can get by on your Social Security payments and sort of fade into the backgrouind, Belize would be a good bet. You might want to do it fast, though, before the other expat wannabees get there ahead of you and drive the cost of living up!
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    I enjoyed my visit to Belize while in the US army during the tumultuous 1980. Belize followed by Costa Rica were my favorite deployments. Not so much some of the other war/conflict torn surrounding countries. I have good friend who are expats in Belize and they keep trying to talk me into a visit with their aim to have me move there. I’ve lost touch with my expats who settled in Costa Rica. All were fellow military who served with me in central and South America during the late 80’s early 90’s. I recall we deployed to 12 countries in the region chasing the Cubans, Russians and narcos.

    Oh, I loved those TMs too. Always fun to read. They army did get some things right!
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    1. Dalewick
      A lot of "interesting" things were being done by the Army in that part of the world in the 80's. I visited central and south America a few times during the 80's. Never got to Belize or Costa Rica, but would have loved too. The Army must have loved deploy us in the 80's. I deployed to 35 countries. Mostly in Asia and the Pacific theater. Feels like another lifetime ago.
      Dalewick, Dec 8, 2019
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