Benefits Of Hay/straw Bale Gardening.

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    Hay or straw bale gardening can be a very effective, cheap form of gardening if your short on money, and don't want to spend much time doing it. It's quite simple to set up, and doesn't take much work to establish. Using hay or straw bells for planting allows you to grow your food anywhere the sun is touching, whether it be on a bed of rocks or sand.
    All you have to do is obtain a bale of hay or straw, make a hole in the side you wish to plant your seeds, and fill it with fertilizer. Hay bales can be quite cheap and easy to get. The bales retain water for your plants and can be easily moved around. When the bales age, they slowly turn into compost themselves, and provide nutrients that your plants can feed from. Hay bale planting is a great form of survival planting and growing, in the fact that it doesn't matter what surface you put them on. Keep In mind that once your hay bale planters start to age and turn into its own fertilizer, they can be quite hard to move from one place to another without the bales falling apart. This can be prevented by re-planting, or putting the hay bale planters in a container to be moved. Keep away from cattle!

    Good luck! And make survival fun!

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