Bentonite Clay And Healing Properties

Discussion in 'Natural Medicine and Home Remedies' started by Whisper, Aug 25, 2019.

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    I've been using this clay for several years now. The results I've had are pretty amazing.

    I was walking 4 miles a day on a treadmill and the repetitive motion on my feet caused a severe pain on the top left part of my left foot. I applied a paste of this clay and slept with it on my foot wrapped in saran wrap for two nights. The pain had been there for several weeks when I did this. After 2 days it was completely gone and has never returned.

    I was recently bitten by a spider (I am fairly sure it was a spider I was asleep when it happened.) Woke up the next day with a nasty red and hot spot on my calf. My sister told me to go to the doctor. I put a clay poultice on it for a couple of days. First day it was all but gone by night time. Second day it was only a faint red area and healed up.

    A few days ago a wasp stung me in the kitchen. No idea how it got in there, it looked like a giant ant. The clay was sitting in a container on my ledge of my sink, I grabbed it and put clay on within 30 seconds of the sting. It got me on the soft part below the thumb on my right hand. I felt the pain for a short time but no swelling or anything. I kept applying the clay on that area for a few times that day and let it dry each time. Two days later a red spot appeared itching like mad where the sting was and I sterilized a needle and poked it and then put more clay. It was gone within hours. The stinger was in there maybe?

    Then, the insect magnet that I am.... I got stung my a yellow jacket on my middle toe, right foot. Just minding my own business sitting on the deck and wham... holy cow that HURT. It got stuck on my toe and I
    had to scrape it off with my shoe. I didn't know that hurt so bad, the bottom and top of my foot was agonizingly painful. I got clay on it within a minute. (If you want to use clay, always have some already made up for emergency, it keeps and it takes to long to dissolve if you need it right away.) It hurt for several hours, top and bottom of my foot. But it never swelled at all. I kept the clay on my foot for about 5 hours, went to bed without any on my foot and woke up to a slightly sore toe.

    Clay has amazing drawing abilities and it helped my niece's broken foot pain. After using she said she had no more pain.

    There are so many uses for it that I won't be without it.
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    I was talking to a neighbour the other day. We were discussing the dirty, clay water from the dam and filtration systems. Apparently their water comes out brown from the tap. He said they had no problem drinking it and went on to mention about a clay he used to heal some sort of ligament damage to his knee, which ultimately prevented him from having surgery.

    He did mention the name of a book, but I can't remember the title.
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