Best body frame to increase chances of survival

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  1. CarlosTL

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    Bodily preparedness is undoubtedly very important. What sort of body frame should one aim for? I don't think having a large body with big muscles is an advantage at all, especially in non-tropical climates as it requires more food and hydration, has less endurance when faced with prolonged exercises and can suffer badly from scarce food.

    I think a lean and slender bodily frame is the optimal way to go, in temperate climates. One should work to have the physic of those marathon runners...It always makes me grin when I see movies casting guys with big muscles in the wilderness or old armies. These type of bodies IMO wouldn't fare well in a world where food is scarce and endurance is a must.
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  2. Arkane

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    Go with what you got! there is no one body type for all occasions!
    Care for it well and it will see you through!
    All depends on what you are actually trying to survive
    Medium fitness and a middling BMI. some fat is good but lots is not!
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  3. lonewolf

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    as long as you can walk and work without running out of breath then your good to go.
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    honestly, we all likely could benefit from more exercise. I think it is more understanding what you will require your body to do and develop strategies to fulfill those needs. Don't discount injury and illness in your planning, you will get banged up, you will get sick from time to time and I am not counting on a doctor makin house calls and a local pharmacy to keep me on my feet and my family safe.

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    The only body types that would possibly be at a disadvantage would be those that are over weight to obese.
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