Best Emergency Backpack List?

Discussion in 'Safety' started by ziskasun, Jun 18, 2016.

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  1. ziskasun

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    I am interested in suggestions for revamping my emergency backpack. I don't want it to weigh 100 pounds but what are some of the items you think are the MOST essential to have in a grab and go emergency backpack? I'm sure some of it depends on where you live and on your personal/family situation, but I'm talking in a more general sense, the "must haves" for everyone.
  2. remnant

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    An emergency backpack list should not be unwieldly. It should ideally allow a person to run if the situation calls for it. I would consider the following to be crucial items in my backpack: a pistol for self defense and hunting; a bottle of mineral water; masking tape; a tin of glucose; a search light; a fire lighter; a knife and finally some dried food. This should enable me to move anywhere with confidence and survive in adverse situations if I find myself in such.
  3. OfTheEarth

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    ^ A change of clothes is also a good idea too, running around without something in the event that your stuff gets all messed up is a bad idea. Random sweaters, shirts etc are a godsend when you need one, lesson learned the hard way :)
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