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    Good morning all,

    Above article focused to earthquakes. It's worth reading for other matters as well. Author used the word "prepping" so she's OK even with my few following comments somewhat negative. We're here to discuss and develop and not glorify or demean.

    Er ...... a go-bag can't be compared to a shelter supplies - regardless of peril.

    Do consider that the earthquake fault line; the abyss, might be between the house and garage. Cache doctrine and program governs.

    Also consider that after disasters like an earthquake, bee hives can also be dangerous.

    I have a hunch that few have carried a ladder when injured. Typically, only the strong can carry a roof access sized ladder some distance. With injuries: a different scenario. Too many folks use the Louise Lane - Superman environment that a phone booth is always available.

    Prep, prep, prep and keep juice boxes away from bug access !
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