Best Survival Movies Rated 7/10 On Imdb With Their Box-office And Interesting Facts.

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    Best survival movies rated 7/10 on IMDB with their box-office and interesting facts.

    “Life of Pi”


    Ang Lee, 2012
    Budget: US$120,000,000
    Box office in the USA: US$124,987,023
    Total box office: US$609,016,565
    IMDB: 7.9/10 (525,572)

    Pi Patel is the only one who managed to survive the shipwreck that took the lives of his family. Now, he finds himself in a boat with a zebra, a tiger, and an orangutan, drifting in an endless ocean. Faced with these challenges, Pi tries his best to be brave in the face of adversity, and he keeps a diary where he writes about how he manages to endure. This includes learning to fish, catch turtles, and desalinate the ocean’s water. He knows that sooner or later he will have to swim somewhere if he wants to make it out alive.

    Interesting movie facts about this survival out at sea:
    • Luckily, Suraj Sharma, the actor who plays Pi Patel, didn’t have to share his boat scenes with an actual live tiger. In most scenes, the tiger was created by computer-generated imagery (CGI).
    • Steven Callahan, a yachtsman known for surviving a shipwreck in 1982, worked on set as a marine survival consultant. After living 76 days on a small raft following the wreck, Steven went on to detail his story in his aptly-named novel, Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea.
    “127 hours”

    Danny Boyle, 2010
    Budget: US$18,000,000
    Box office in the USA: US$18,335,230
    Total box office: US$42,403,567
    IMDB: 7.6/10 (319,219)

    This is the perfect depiction of mountain climber Aron Ralston’s story. During an expedition, Ralston’s arm was entrapped by a massive stone, forcing him to amputate it to survive. Not only is this an example of a good movie, but Danny Boyle’s movie also has practical benefits that remind all outdoorsmen about the importance of precautionary measures, such as telling friends where you are going and taking enough resources with you on potentially risky expeditions. Further, this survival film is an example of incredible human courage and vitality.

    Facts about this survival in mountains:
    • The movie is based on rock-climber Aron Ralston’s autobiographical novel about his 2003 canyon expedition. One weekend, he left without a word and ended up in a near-fatal accident when he fell into one of the canyon’s crevices.
    • To make the movie more realistic, they used the set of equipment that was in Ralston’s possession on the day of his accident.
    “Cast away”

    Robert Zemeckis, 2000
    Budget: US$90,000,000
    Box office in the USA: US$233,632,142
    Total box office: US$429,632,142
    IMDB: 7.8/10 (465,472)

    This movie is better remembered than the other movie renditions of Defoe’s novel. Tom Hanks plays stranded hero, Chuck Noland, whose only friend and companion is a volleyball named Wilson. A pivotal scene takes place when Chuck sings “Light My Fire.” It is generally believed that Hanks’ role as Chuck Noland is a perfect portrayal of a modern survival hero.

    Facts about this survival on an island:
    • According to Tom Hanks, to be able to play his role in Cast Away, Hanks had to lose a considerable amount of weight, which negatively impacted his health and caused him to later develop type 2 diabetes.
    • The film’s protagonist is named Chuck Noland. Interestingly, when written as “C. Noland,” it transforms into “see no land,” connecting his name to the film’s title.
    “The Snow Walker”

    Charles Martin Smith, 2003
    Budget: $CA 10,000,000
    Total box office: $CA 201,149
    IMDB: 7.4/10 (9,218)

    A Canadian tells the story of pilot Charlie Halliday who supplies food to remote settlements in the North. One day, he is asked to take a sick Eskimo girl named Kanaalaq on his return flight to help her seek medical treatment. The protagonist reluctantly agrees. Unfortunately, their plane crashes in the middle of the tundra. In a turn of events, Kanaalaq, who was initially a burden for Charlie, ends up saving his life when she uses her survival skills to endure the harsh natural conditions. By the end of the movie, Charlie truly respects Kanaalaq and wins her friendship.

    Facts about this winter survival movie:
    • Winter scenes were filmed at -28 degrees Celsius. When the wind started, the temperature dropped to -45 degrees Celsius.
    • Around the filming location, directors had to arm security with tranquillizer guns to protect actors and crew members from polar bear attacks. This protocol was added after one time when a polar bear interrupted the filming process.
    John Burman, 1972
    IMDB: 7.7/10

    The rivers of Georgia can be more dangerous than the Amazon River, and the heroes of Deliverance – two business friends who decided to spend their holidays in nature – had the misfortune to experience this lesson for themselves. But really, not only is nature dangerous, but the same can be said about the locals.

    Facts about this survival in the wild:
    • The year after the film’s premiere, more than 30 people drowned in the Chattooga River when attempting to repeat the adventures of these heroes.
    • Burt Reynolds broke his tailbone during a scene when he was passing through the rapids, and his canoe flipped. Initially, a mannequin was shot in this scene, but it looked too unnatural.

    Nicholas Roeg, 1971
    Budget: US$1,000,000
    IMDB 7.7/10 (20,371)

    Nicolas Roeg is a master of strange scenes and mysterious atmospheres. In Walkabout, a father abandoned his son and daughter in the Australian desert. Fortunately, they meet an aboriginal teen named Black Boy who had been surviving on his own, too. In this film, the audience sees the dynamics of how culture clash influences the relationship between the children and Black Boy. Eventually, they realize that if they stick together, then they can survive.

    Facts about this survival movie in Australian outback:
    • The scene where Black Boy helps White Boy with his sunburn wasn’t actually in thefilm’s script. Luc Roeg, the actor playing White Boy, actually got a sunburn when shooting one of the desert scenes. David Gulpilil, the actor playing Black Boy, helped to treat Luc Roeg’s sunburnt back by applying animal fat to soothe the burn while on set, and this real-life moment ended up in the film. Director Nicolas Roeg saw Gulpilil helping Luc Roeg with his sunburn, and he ended up filming the two actors interacting. In post-production, he decided to use this real-life moment in the film.
    • The script, written by Edward Bond, was only 14 pages. The rest of the film was improvisation.
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